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Access to localizations outside of component

To use localizations outside of Vue components you can export FluentVue.format and FluentVue.formatAttrs functions from your fluent-vue setup code. These functions work like $t and $ta component methods respectively.

fluent.js - fluent-vue setup code

import { FluentBundle, FluentResource } from '@fluent/bundle'
import { createFluentVue } from 'fluent-vue'

const bundle = new FluentBundle('en')
bundle.addResource(new FluentResource('hello-user = Hello, { $username }!'))

const fluent = createFluentVue({
  bundles: [bundle],

// Added export
export const $t = fluent.format

In another js file:

import { $t } from './fluent'

const helloUser = $t('hello-user', { username: 'John Doe' })

MIT Licensed