Tooling and integrations

This is the list of official and third-party tools that support fluent-vue.


1. Webpack loader

fluent-vue-loader is the officially provided Webpack loader.

With fluent-vue-loader, you can use fluent custom blocks to define locale messages directly in Vue SFC files.

2. Rollup and Vite plugin

Both Rollup and Vite integrations are provided by rollup-plugin-fluent-vue plugin.

It provides the same functionality as Webpack loader - use custom blocks in SFC files.

3. WIP: CLI tool

fluent-vue-cli is the official tool that (soon™) allows extracting and importing SFC locale messages to and from FTL files. This allows integration with external translation tools like Mozilla's Pontoonopen in new window


1. i18n Ally

i18n Allyopen in new window - 🌍 All in one i18n extension for VS Code.

It reports missing translations, allows to extract hardcoded strings, and much more.

Check their READMEopen in new window for more information.

i18n Ally